Do Tough Times Mean Insurance Company/Agency Job Growth?


These are difficult times for businesses and consumers alike. Many insurance agencies and companies are tightening their belts. Expansion is probably far from your mind at a time like this. As employees come and go, your company may have an insurance agency job or insurance company job vacancy that needs filled. A recession brings difficult times in many sectors of the economy. However, it also brings great opportunities to employers who are looking for good employees.

When you need an employee with advanced skills, how do you find the right one?

* Most insurance managers would answer this question by stating that they put out a job announcement on the company website, in the lunchroom, and in the classified section of the newspaper. You might take further action by placing an ad on one of the online job boards.

What results can you expect when using these methods?

* Posting an insurance agency job or insurance company job in-house will likely only bring in candidates from your own company. You may find a person who is well qualified for the position you are posting. cheap mu Legend zen Chances are just as likely that you will not find the one you need. Why not find the right person by posting a job online now? You can save up to 20% on insurance agency job or insurance company job postings this month.

Posting your ad in the local classified section of your newspaper may bring several hundred applications through the door. Most of them will not have any insurance agency job qualifications at all. They will also not have insurance company job experience. That leaves your human resource department with hundreds of resumes to sort with little chance of finding a person with the experience you require. You will likely get a similar huge response from a general online classified posting, but HR will just have more applications to sift through. If you are seeking a qualified person to fill a current insurance agency job opening, then online might be the ticket.

Quick Job Ad Tips

Consider a job ad your best chance to sell your company to a potential new employee. buy mu legend zen Put some thought into the process rather than spending just a few seconds. mu legend zen for sale

  • * Use action verbs and descriptive adjectives in your job ad.
  • * Highlight company benefits.
  • * Describe job requirements clearly.
  • * Specify education and experience needed.
  • * Name an approximate time frame for interviews.

Using a specialized online job board like limits the numbers and types of resumes you will receive when you post your insurance agency job. Your candidates will have an insurance agency job background with the experience that you need. You also have the option of searching through the resumes that have been posted by our members.

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