Insurance Jobs: The turning point


The outlook for insurance jobs is getting brighter.

Having shaken off the bad news that insurance jobs were lost for the 12th consecutive month in October, looking into the indicators we see the following three points:

  • Insurance job losses have slowed – 3,400 insurance jobs were lost in October, the lowest rate yet – we predict that November’s stats will show a plateau, or the first rise in over a year
  • Unemployment has breached 10% – the all important 10% unemployment water mark has been reached, we think this milestone will be a perceived low point and will kick employers into gear into readdressing their employment policies
  • US is out of recession - now that the worst is behind us with the 3rd quarter showing the economy growing at 3.5% annualized, although employment growth always lags behind economic growth, we think that the insurance & finance industries will pick up the pace quicker than other sectors

Insurance Jobs to Return

Based on the points above and looking at our own traffic, we believe that employers will accelerate their hiring pattens for the rest of November, before pausing in mid-December until the holiday season is over. January 2010 will see a positive return to growth in the insurance job industry.

Its been a long, dark journey but the green shoots are here (just before spring). Why not take advantage of our Buy One Get One Free offer running until the end of November. Use the coupon code GREEN.

Your forecast

As always you, the insurance job employer, have your finger on the pulse in terms of the hiring environment. Are you seeing a return to growth? Or will you be waiting a little longer? Let us know in the comments

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