How to Land an Insurance Job Interview


If you are looking for a job right now, you may think that getting an interview is easy. In years past, all you had to do to get an insurance job interview was to put in your application at the company office or at an insurance job fair. Things have changed significantly in the last few years. The economy is on the minds of everyone right now, and the insurance job market is not as full of vacant jobs as it was a few months ago. Employers are cautious to proceed with hiring new employees, because they have to watch the bottom line. They have no desire to hire a new employee, and then have to turn around and terminate that person. mu legend zen for sale Employees are hanging onto their insurance jobs rather than looking for new ones. buy mu legend zen If you are unemployed, getting a job interview can be difficult. cheap mu legend zen In some cases, employers are being slammed with hundreds of resumes for a single job opening. mu legend zen How can you stand out in a crowd of resumes for an insurance job? You have to get the attention of the person reviewing applications to have a better chance of getting an insurance job interview.

Tips to help you land the perfect insurance job interview:

• Make sure that your resume is up-to-date and looks fabulous. Statistics show that you have seven seconds to sell yourself as a good candidate. The old-fashioned resume that you wrote on your word processor is not good enough anymore to accomplish that. You need a resume that looks professional and sets you apart from others. You might even consider hiring a professional resume writer to edit your resume and cover letter. Target your resume for the specific job for which you apply.

Research out everything you can about the company offering the job. Knowing about company philosophy and history will not only help you if you in an interview, but it will also help get attention when you put some of that information in your cover letter.

Bold the first sentence of every paragraph in your cover letter. This is unconventional and different. It will definitely draw attention to your cover letter.

Ask for the interview. This is a simple idea, yet few people have the courage to put this step into action. You can either call the human resource office or state your request in your cover and mention available times and dates you can meet with a company representative.

These steps are designed to garner attention to your resume and cover letter. You can follow up with the company a few days after you apply for the job to check the status of your application. This will reinforce your name in the minds of the human resource department, and make it even more likely that you will get your appointment. Nobis sale Of course a good place to compete for an interview is by posting your resume on a our job board. Our jobs are only for qualified insurance professionals like you.

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