Insurance Adjuster Jobs in New York


Two primary categories of Adjuster jobs exist in New York and they include Public Adjusters and Independent Adjusters. As the name suggests, the Public Adjuster works for the public, those everyday individuals in need of assistance settling the hundreds of claims they make against their policies. The Independent Adjuster works on behalf of an insurance company. Their goal is to determine the details surrounding a claim in an effort to fairly determine the degree to which the insurance company is liable, if at all. If found liable, Independent Adjusters also work to determine the amount of monetary compensation to which the claimant is entitled. mu legend zen for sale

Both types of Adjuster jobs in New York require individuals to meet certain licensing requirements before they can do business in this state. The requirements for licensing are that an applicant be an adult, at least 18 years old, and that the applicant receives a passing grade on the examination, at least 70% or higher. In addition, Public Adjusters must complete a 40-hour educational course prior to taking the exam. Independent Adjusters are not required to meet any educational requirements.

Those pursuing Adjuster jobs in New York will do well in this career field if they possess certain skills. cheap mu Legend zen Since most of an Adjuster’s time is spent compiling and reviewing reports, a keen attention to detail is important. Exceptional listening skills and communication skills are also beneficial. Adjusters spend much time interviewing witnesses, claimants, medical and other experts, and others so the ability to extract the right type of information from sometimes unwilling participants is necessary. In addition, there are many resources on the web to help get you the training you need – check out the Insurance Institute of America for great training info and more.

Those considering adjuster jobs in New York will find the task of report generation much easier if they possess an excellent understanding of the English language including spelling and proper use of grammar. General office skills such as word processing, filing, transcription, desktop publishing and even stenography also help in fulfilling the duties of an insurance adjuster.

In addition to a decent salary and favorable working conditions (adjusters typically work a 40-hour week and perform their duties equally inside the office and out), adjuster jobs in New York offer plenty of “after-work” benefits. This state is as varied as they get and many people don’t realize that this state has much more to offer than the glitz and glamour of the “City” (although New York City life is definitely entertaining). From the Catskill Mountains and the miles of open country in the western part of the state, to the eastern-most tip of Long Island, home to exceptional vineyards, miles of beautiful coastline, and magnificent mansions, there is definitely a lifestyle perfect for everyone. New York is full of history and historical sites. It offers plenty of great skiing and the Lakes region is perfect for all sorts of water activities. And there’s even more.

Right now, Adjuster jobs in New York are open in all areas of insurance including automobile, property, business, renter’s, life, casualty, and fire.

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