Want to be an Insurance Investigator?


Working Behind-the-Scenes as a

Insurance Claims Investigator

Do you like to solve puzzles? Are you good at figuring out “who-done-it?” Do you have the persistence to pursue a lead until you’ve reached a guaranteed dead end? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you might want to consider searching for a job in the insurance industry as a claims investigator.

Never thought about the insurance field before? Maybe you’ve never before considered searching for jobs in the insurance industry because you’ve always thought that besides being an insurance agent or adjuster or selling insurance policies, this industry doesn’t have much more to offer. UGG Bailey Bow Boots If this is what you think, then you’d be very wrong. However, you wouldn’t realize it until you actually spent time searching the array of jobs that make up the insurance industry or until you’ve had a need to process an insurance claim.

That’s when the real action in the insurance industry begins. Once an insurance claim has been submitted, it is assigned to an insurance adjuster who begins an investigation of the incident that caused the claim to be filed. femme nike air max Adjusters conduct interviews with those involved, take pictures of damage, and talk with other professionals if necessary. mu legend zen for sale When a sufficient amount of information is gathered, the adjuster puts together a report and determines how much the insurance company is liable for and then works to settle the claim. legend zen for sale Nike Air Max LTD Insurance adjusters are busy people, and if this sounds interesting, you might want to consider searching for this type of insurance job.

However, there are times when the insurance adjuster cannot reach a conclusion by himself. mu legend redzen Nike Femme The adjuster can ask for assistance from an insurance examiner and together they might be able to settle the claim. However, in cases where the adjuster suspects that fraudulent activity might have played a part in the claim, the claim most often gets forwarded to the insurance agency’s investigation unit. adidas originals Suspicious fires, false claims for disability, accidents that appear to be “staged” and excessive or seemingly unnecessary medical treatments are the types of situations that cause adjusters to transfer insurance claims further up the chain of command.

Insurance investigators play an important role in an insurance company. asics gel kayano Investigators spend their time digging deeper into a claim. mu legend power leveling They’ll conduct more in-depth interviews and oftentimes, they’ll set up surveillance to more closely monitor those involved in the claim. oakley femme pas cher Because of the nature of their work, claims investigators don’t work a typical 9-to-5 job. New Balance Sale They work after normal business hours when more people are available to interview. mu legend zen adidas zx Or they sometimes work around the clock keeping a close eye on someone they suspect may be involved in fraudulent activity.

If you like variety in your work and your work schedule; if you’re not afraid to confront people head-on; if you’ve got the patience to sift through mountains of data looking for clues; or if you have previous experience as a private investigator or in law enforcement, perhaps you should consider searching through insurance jobs and paying particular attention to the opportunities that are available as an insurance claims investigator.

Did you know? Many of the best jobs are never advertised! That’s right! Employers and recruiters search our resume database daily looking for qualified job candidates like you.

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12 Responses to “Want to be an Insurance Investigator?”

  1.  Lamont King Says:

    I am seeking employment as an insurance investigator inparticular fraud. During the course of my career with the Pennsylvania State Police as a criminal investigator, I have had the occasion to investigate a large number of burglaries and thefts. I have learned that the victims of these incident have inflated thier loss dramaticly to collect insurance money. I have made contact with the insurnce companies involved before any claim was honored.

  2.  Private Investigator Says:

    I think you need to be very good at your job before starting as an insurance investigator as in most of the time it involves a lump-sum money at stake…

  3.  Sara Says:

    I am an insurance investigator. It is a great job and stays interesting. Not sure what you mean about a “lump sum”. Its not a 9-5 job because you work overtime, however if you have a passion for the job its worth it.

  4.  dave.c Says:

    i have been working in the security sector a long time.the past five years as a investigation officer,dealing with theft and fraud cases.i am very interested in insurance fraud is there any vacancies in the near future.

  5.  star Says:

    my question is how do I get started in this field?

  6.  Mark Lee Says:

    After retiring from law enforcement in Oregon as a homicide and Narcotics investigator with a large metropolitian I have chosen to do insurance investigations and home insurance inspections. I have had numerous cases of burglary, theft and narcotics cases that are all linked to each other, as well as insurance fraud for the insurance monies.

  7.  rjg Says:

    I was wondering, I have been a federal agent for 13 years, I had a motorcycle accident in 2006, I was convicted of a felony last year. Question is will I still be able to apply as an insurance investigator?

  8.  Mona Says:

    I am been in the audit field and know how to find fraud. I have a Bachelors in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Adm. I am interested in becoming an insurance investigator.

    Can you send me some information on becoming an insurance investigator.

  9.  enrico otero Says:

    I am presently laid off commercial plumber,looking to cross train into maybe insurance investigator.I would appreciate any input you may have to steer me in the right direction.Thank you in advance ,Enrico Otero

  10.  fandy Says:

    Its very nice work as claims field especially in claim investigator,actually I work in insurance (claims dept) I found many tricky cases for healthy and life claims if you guys wanna sharing do not hesitate contact my email ,I am living in jakarta

  11.  Raymond Says:

    I worked as a Quality Analyst for an Insurance Company. I checked documents for accuracy. How do I get into Insurance Investigations? Any information you can share with me would be appreciated.

  12.  fandy Says:

    I have been 5 years experiences working as claim investigator in developt country, as we know so many cases in yhere witth tight complicated , please feel free to contact me for case sharing and do not hestite to contact me at +6283897951112 or my email at fand008@yahoo.com

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