Job Growth in the Insurance Industry


The Insurance Industry – Growing or Shrinking?

We often see newspaper and magazine articles that attempt to predict which jobs will be hot and which ones will be in less demand as the needs of society change. In recent times the insurance industry has been in hard weather as the global economic turmoil continues. One point is however certain; People will continue to take out insurance policies in the future which means that the industry will still have demand for staff. In this article we tell you why.

The articles we read about job growth continually mention the demand for service-oriented opportunities. nike air max classic bw As our lives become more hectic, we find ourselves willing to pay others to perform the tasks we no longer have time to do ourselves. T-shirts casual It’s true that these types of jobs are in demand, as are jobs in the security and health care industries. But job seekers need to realize that the insurance sector keeps growing and it, too, creates more and more insurance jobs as it does. 2018 nike air max Here’s why:

The term “Insurance” means different things to different people. legend zen for sale asics gel lyte 3 Taken as an entire industry, insurance simply means protecting the insured person or company against some type of loss or peril. adidas zx flux pas cher It’s the wide variety of perils which insurance covers that makes so many insurance jobs necessary.

One of the most interesting things about insurance is that people need different types to protect different risks in their lives. new balance pas cher For most people there are multiple needs for insurance that become apparent as we peel back the layers of complexity that surrounds the average person. buy mu legend zen adidas js wings Each of those insurance needs, in turn, supports a wide variety of insurance jobs. Let me explain what I mean using the life of “Joe Jones,” a typical but imaginary average citizen.

Joe owns a car so he needs automobile insurance. new balance 993 He also owns a boat so he needs marine insurance as well. air jordan 5 Because Joe owns his home he requires homeowner’s or property insurance. buy mu legend redzen adidas shoes If he rents his home he might have to purchase renter’s insurance instead.

As we dig deeper into Joe’s life we find out that he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). chaussure asics Because Joe makes decisions that could hurt a client’s business if those decisions turn about to be bad ones, Joe carries Errors and Omissions Insurance. He also carries insurance on his office and everything in it as well as health insurance for himself and his family.

Each of Joe’s insurance policies is different and each requires the expertise of many individuals. Cheap MU Legend Items Some of the different jobs involved in issuing an insurance policy include insurance sales jobs, customer service agents, accounts receivable and payable clerks, underwriting jobs, insurance adjuster jobs, fraud investigators, lawyers, marketing and advertising executives, human resource specialists, and countless management, supervision and department head positions.

Insurance is a multi billion-dollar industry that supports hundreds of thousands of insurance jobs.

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