Where are Insurance Jobs Located?

Finding the job hotspots

Insurance job opportunities are located in nearly every city in the world. In fact, you’d be hard pressed not to find an insurance sales job vacancy listed in every newspaper around the globe. Likewise, there are always field claims adjusters slots as well as a never-ending supply of insurance office administrative jobs waiting to be filled.

However, if you’re looking to climb the insurance company corporate ladder, or if you’re looking for a career at an insurance company headquarters, then you’ve got to go where the corporate offices are.

I don’t blame you if you’re thinking ” New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Des Moines. mu legend redzen Yes – Des Moines, Iowa. You see, not every corporate insurance job is where you might expect it to be. Des Moines is a fine example of that. Unless you’re an insurance “insider,” Iowa is probably the last place you’d think to go to find a high-powered insurance career, but you’d be making a big mistake by not looking there.

As amazing as it seems, over 60 major insurance companies have chosen Des Moines to locate their corporate headquarters. Adidas italia Factory Outlet On top of that, another 100 insurance companies have sited a regional, state or local insurance company operation in or near the city. legend zen for sale When it comes to measuring the size of its insurance center per capita, Des Moines is ranked an amazing #3 in the world coming in behind #1 London, England and #2 Hartford, Connecticut. That’s some pretty good company!

The insurance company listings in Des Moines reads like a who’s-who of the insurance industry. Many of the biggest name insurance companies are located in Des Moines including:

  • American Republic Insurance Company
  • Farmers Insurance Group of Companies
  • Allied Insurance
  • EMC Insurance Companies
  • State Farm Insurance

Right from downtown Des Moines, these companies manage billions of dollars worth of premiums for all of the major covered perils and investment options including fire, auto, group life, homeowner, malpractice, workers compensation, surety/guaranty, annuities and all other types of insurance.

Drawn by a favorable cost of living, outstanding communities with affordable housing, and the lure of mid-western values and work ethic, these mega insurance employers are constantly looking to fill vacancies for insurance sales jobs, insurance adjuster jobs, insurance underwriting jobs, insurance actuary jobs, clerical/administrative jobs, management jobs, financial analyst jobs, risk reviewer jobs and many other insurance professions.

So if your insurance job search has got you frustrated, then maybe it’s because you’ve overlooked beautiful Des Moines!

Of course, if living in Des Moines is not the lifestyle you’re looking for, there’s always the excitement of New York or Los Angeles. On the up side, you’re living in the city. buy mu legend zen mu legend power leveling On the downside, well, you’re living in the city. Noise, crime, and a cost of living that would scare anyone makes big city living not for the faint-hearted. However, there are serious career opportunities for those brave enough to navigate the perils of city living.

If a corporate insurance job is in your future, consider broadening your horizons and go where the insurance jobs are. mu2legendzen Search for Insurance Jobs in Iowa as a starting point to your job search.

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  1.  Tito Says:

    Des Moines, Iowa is a state where a lot of workforce comes from the farm-country. They work for less and therefore was born the insurance hub. As an insider, I warn about the Des Moines culture. It is a very tight-knit group of people where those from outside are not welcome. A lot of people who move here find they can’t find any friends, and the corporate climb doesn’t depend on skills as much as on politics. In Des Moines is about who you are and who you know.

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