Insurance Jobs in Georgia


Insurance Jobs in Georgia are Hot

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up down South. No – these days, insurance jobs are especially hot. Particularly in Georgia, the insurance industry is the place to find a fantastic, workable job. Without a doubt, Georgia is the place to be for those interested in insurance work. mu legend zen for sale According to the Georgia Department of Insurance, the average annual income for insurance workers in Georgia in 2006 was $71,776. Needless to say, insurance jobs in Georgia are hot.

There’s real money to be had in the Georgia insurance industry, and the most commonly lucrative position in the industry is sales. With the right kind of presence and communication ability, insurance agents have the opportunity to earn serious money. parajumpers soldes mu legend power leveling As insurance agents have the option to work either independently or as part of a larger corporation, there are multiple ways they can be paid. Agents working directly for a company often receive a base salary that can be accompanied by commission. Some of these agents receive bonuses instead of commission. mu legend zen In contrast, many independent insurance agents’ income is largely, if not exclusively, commission based. While this can be difficult at first, over time, if an agent is successful, this commission based pay can quickly blossom into a six-figure income.

Whether working independently or for a major insurance company, the fastest way for an insurance agent to make money is, obviously, to make sales. Although statistically college graduates, particularly those with a liberal arts background, succeed more readily as insurance agents, a college degree is not required to embark into this field. What is required is an ability to communicate confidently and effectively in order to make sales. Without this ability, those hot insurance jobs will cool down quickly, and the money you could have made will rest snugly in someone else’s lint-lined pocket.

Georgia is known for its peaches, but its insurance jobs are the real moneymakers. The average annual income for Georgia insurance workers in 2006 was well over $50,000; who knows how high it could be next year.

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