Insurance Jobs in Maryland


Lining up one of the many available Maryland insurance jobs is a guaranteed way to secure your future. Let’s face it. Everybody is in need of some type of insurance whether it is to protect a home, car, business, health or the life of a loved one. Many people even need multiple types of coverage and it’s not uncommon for a person who needs multiple types of coverage to conduct their business with several different insurance companies.

Even though it might seem that insurance companies are monoliths, each still is a business that needs to operate profitably in order to not only remain in business, but to remain competitive in this rapidly-changing field. An insurance company needs aggressive and knowledgeable sales people whose primary objective is to drum up new business and retain existing business. An insurance company needs highly-skilled actuaries who are capable of recreating every sort of scenario imaginable so that the insurance rates that the sales people quote can be set at the perfect price point. Rates have to be low enough to attract new business yet high enough to build up the reserves needed to settle claims.

Insurance companies also hire Underwriters who take the preliminary contracts that sales people generate and determine whether or not the person or business is an acceptable risk. Insurance adjusters have the responsibility of determining the facts of every claim that is submitted by every policyholder in an effort to determine whether or not the insurance company will pay out a claim. And for those times when adjusters suspect that the facts just aren’t as they seem, they call on the assistance of insurance fraud investigators.

In addition to all this, an insurance company needs an army of support staff to ensure that the doors open in the morning, that phone calls and emails get answered, that closed claims get filed away properly, that employees and bills get paid on time, that claims in need of payment get processed, and on and on.

Maryland has a complete site for the insurance industry – more info at:

Insurance Administration
525 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 212022272
Toll free: 1-800-492-6116
TTY toll free: 1-800-735-2258
Fax: 410-468-2020

Once you begin your search for Maryland insurance jobs, you’ll be able to see why a job in this industry has the potential to turn into a lifelong career. And settling down in Maryland isn’t so bad, either. You may not realize it but Maryland has something to offer everyone. Maryland became a state early on, back in 1788 so it is a state with plenty of historical sites worth exploring. It’s a state where you can eat fresh seafood day after day; seafood that has literally been plucked right from its shores along the Atlantic coast and the Chesapeake Bay. Seafood also is one of Maryland’s biggest economies. About 40% of this state is covered with forest making it perfect for those who love hunting and fishing. And Maryland is very close to Washington D.C. one of the most interesting and exciting tourist destinations in the United States. The new Health Coverage Tax Credit will infuse instant cash into the Maryland health system. Additionally the US government has been working on economic development in Maryland – more on Maryland economic initiatives here

If all of this sounds tempting, realize it can all be yours the moment you begin searching for insurance jobs in Maryland!

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