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You’ve recently moved to New York. In the past week, you closed on a beautiful house in the suburbs of one of the state’s lovely cities, you forked out the cash to put your kids into one of the area’s finest schools, and you’ve been checking out dealerships in search of the perfect car to match your new life. There’s just one problem – you’re still looking for that perfect job.

You’re not completely without direction, though. The insurance industry has always interested you; it’s just that every time you begin the lengthy process of searching for the position that’s right for you, you end up confused, scratching out a living in a job that pays the bills and nothing more. The problem is you don’t understand the insurance job market. Going in blind, confronted with myriad options for employment, you’re unsure of where you fit in, where you will succeed. Take the next few minutes to acquaint yourself with your options in the New York insurance job market.

The Job Market

The most common job in the insurance world is that of the insurance salesperson. Several options exist for a person hoping to work as an insurance agent. A sales agent must decide what type of insurance he is going to sell (though often agents sell multiple types of insurance), as well as whether he is going to work for one company or independently. Sales agents work closely with clients and serve as intermediaries between clients and companies; thus, communication skills are necessary to succeed in this position.

The Stats

According the the bureau of labor statistics the average mean annual salary for an automotive insurance appraiser is $51,120.

Find out more at their site: New York Job Stats (BLS)

Another important insurance job is underwriting. cheap mu legend zen legend zen for sale Underwriters are important in that they help assess the risks involved in selling insurance to any given client. adidas eqt Based on the work of the underwriter, clients are charged a certain fee to pay each month. Underwriters are directly linked to an insurance company, unlike many insurance sales agents.

The insurance industry is rich with job opportunities for any who qualify. MU Legend Power Leveling Appraisers, examiners, investigators and claims adjusters are a few others of the positions available in the industry. Each of these positions is a different spoke in wheel of the insurance machine. Claims adjusters authorize payment on various insurance claims; appraisers evaluate the cost of insured possessions; and investigators are called in when insurance fraud is suspected. mu legend power leveling These positions, among others, are a few of the jobs in the insurance industry awaiting the most ambitious job seekers.

Finding your niche in the insurance field can be tricky, but if you get a general idea of the field, you can more easily find a place in the industry to thrive.

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