Target Your Resume for a Great Insurance Job Opening


Getting a job during a recession can be challenging. Employers receive many applications that they have to separate. Most of those applicants will never be called for that great insurance job interview. How can you make sure that your resume gets to the top of the pile for consideration in getting an interview? The chronological resume of yesterday is not the document that will get your application noticed. In times past, the function of a resume was to give an employer a brief summary about your career history with an objective statement that explained what you wanted expected in a great insurance job. basket air jordan 1

Writing a modern resume

The newly accepted style for a resume tells an employer about your accomplishments at previous employment. mu legend zen for sale classic short womens ugg boots It also highlights the skills you have that are relevant to the insurance job opening.

• Begin your new resume with your name and telephone number.

• Below your name and contact information, write a brief paragraph called a qualification summary. asics gel nimbus Use powerful adjectives and verbs to describe yourself and the qualifications you have that are applicable to the job.

• Next, you need to list at least three strong accomplishments that you achieved for a previous employer. Your accomplishments need to specify how you improved something at your company.

• The professional history follows the accomplishments section. Use action verbs to describe your duties for each job, but limit the number of duties to avoid having a resume that is too long.

• End your new resume with professional memberships, professional training, and education.

If you feel uncomfortable updating your information in a new style, consider hiring a professional writer to rewrite your resume. air jordan 12 For a nominal fee, a writer will take your average resume and turn it into a personal advertisement about you. buy mu legend zen soldes nike After all, that’s what a resume is–a sales presentation that convinces a potential employer that you are the right person to hire for their great insurance job opening. Once your resume has been satisfactorily updated, now it is time to begin looking for an insurance job. Look through all the job openings to find the one you like. air jordan uk Now read the job description carefully. Change some of the descriptions and skills in your resume, using similar wording as the job description. It is never okay to embellish or to tell a lie. nike internationalist Tell the truth. ray ban aviator 3025 Just try to use similar language in an honest way, because that will reinforce the fact that you have read the job description carefully. Do something similar in your cover letter. You’ll want to make these slight modifications to your resume for every different job to which you apply. nike rosh run pas cher fille

Get noticed – impress employers

These steps are simple yet effective methods to help get your resume noticed by a potential employer. When you do get an interview, you will then need to prepare yourself to meet the manager. Finally, don’t fogrget you can post your resume on our site and search for a new job today. We have dozens of employers who search our site daily to find the right person for their job openings.

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