Top 10 Resume Writing Tips


How do I write a resume? For many, resume writing can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Perhaps you haven’t written a resume in a long time? We give you 10 resume writing tips that can help you avoid some of the common mistakes job seekers do when writing their resume 1. Keep it focused and concise This is not the time for long elaborations; remember employers have many resumes to get through. So save the more in-depth information for the interview. By keeping your resume focused and concise you will sell yourself effectively. cheap asics shoes All that employers want to know at this stage of the hiring process is whether you are appropriately qualified and experienced. 2. Follow the rules of resume length For recent graduates or job seekers with just a few years experience, try to keep your resume to one page, two as an absolute maximum. Even if you have between 10 – 20 years experience or more it should not be more than three pages long. If you are very experienced or feel that listing references or an inventory of recent projects and/or publications would be of significant gain you can do so by referring to one or two pages as “available upon request”. 3. Triple check for spelling mistakes When you have finished writing your draft check for spelling mistakes, grammar, and punctuation. Any mistakes in your resume will hurt your credibility. Keeping the language clear and simple is also a must. Make sure that you have someone you trust the writing skills of to proofread your draft. asics pink 4. Use bullet points Avoid long paragraphs in the body of your resume, use bullet points with short sentences. Resumes are read quickly. Women Air Jordan Using bullet points makes it easier for someone to quickly scan your resume and still absorb it. 5. asics gel lyte 3 Use action words Action words cause your resume to stand out. To add life to your resume, use bullet points with sentences that begin with action words like prepared, developed, monitored, and presented. 6. Nike Air Max LTD Customize your Resume Customizing your resume to the job requirements of the advertised job, without being misleading is a very effective tool to attract attention. ugg bailey bling uk Once you have reviewed and analyzed the job advertisement carefully you can start itemizing the key qualifications, skills and abilities the employer is seeking. Go one step further if possible and research the company online. This will help you in your customization and also later if you get called for an interview. 7. adidas tubular shadow Work on your presentation format What you are trying to achieve is a crisp, clean, simple presentation format. This will give your resume a professional look and make it more readable. Structure your resume by listing key skills and experience at the top of your resume. Follow with work experience, and then education. Some simple line work and making sure the consistency of your presentation is there will do the trick. 8. Focus on relevant experience You should always start with focusing on your recent job experience that is most relevant to the position you are applying for. new balance 1500 Most prospective employers only wants to know what you are doing now, what you have done recently, and how that relates to the job requirements of the post they are trying to fill. Do not be afraid to leave out, or summarize in brief near the end of your resume experience that is not relevant. basket air jordan soldes Also, make sure that you explain larger gaps in your resume (e.g. sabbaticals) . Nike Air Max 1 Femme 9. Be honest Honesty goes a long way. Lying or exaggerating on your resume will usually have you exposed sooner or later. Think about it – if you are caught lying or exaggerating previous performances it will hurt your career for a very long time. 10. Keep revisiting your Resume When you start sending our your resume to potential employers you will see how well they’re performing. If you believe to have the experience and you are not getting the interviews, don’t be afraid to keep on tweaking your resume. Remember, your resume is your marketing tool and eventually you will find the right formula to help you get interviews.

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  1.  Ciaran Says:

    Google Docs actually has a collection of resume templates for free, and they look quite professional.

  2.  Michele | Free Resume Builder Says:

    I totally agree with the above kind of presentation. I feel specially while framing the CV, the skills should be highlighted more in order to attract recruiters.

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