2009 Hiring Strategy Guidelines

As one might expect, the financial downturn of 2008 will have an impact on how companies are hiring in 2009. Many companies will have a recruitment freeze until the markets improve, or they will be hiring at a slower rate than previous years. Common for all companies is that they will try to make business operations easier and more cost-effective. (more…)

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Insurance jobs weathering the storm?

Well we’ve seen a few opinions about the state of the insurance job market over March and April…but who are we to believe what its really like? Resilience of the sector? One opinion says that although insurance vacancies are down, there is still much movement in the market. buy mu legend zen According to Stuart Freeman of SMF Recruitment “replacement hiring is still happening. oakley homme pas cher Insurance companies are cautious but we’re not seeing the blanket freezes like we did in banking” This is due to a few reasons:

  • families are seeking to safeguard their wealth by taking up more insurance policies, therefore creating demand for insurance jobs to satisfy the demand
  • unlike banks, oakley fuel cell insurers didn’t recruit as aggressively during the good times, air jordan 4 so less need for redundancies now
  • commercial insurance is relatively secure – underwriting, oakley holbrook broking, property, asics shoes claims, adidas sale liability all staying buoyant
  • demand is still high for highly skilled insurance jobs

At insuranceworkforce.com we are definitely seeing replacement hiring for insurance jobs supplement an otherwise declining market, adidas zx flux and demand within areas such as insurance underwriting jobs will the conditions above help the sector prevail? We’re not through the worst yet The other opinion depending on how you look at the figures is that we are still in for turbulent times for the insurance job search. adidas superstar An analysis firm said that 33,100 finance and insurance jobs were lost in March as part of the 752,000 jobs reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. parajumpers shop italy mu2legendzen adidas stan smith Pas Cher The continuing downward trend and staggering overall job loss figures are having an impact on employers big and small, and the scarcity of new jobs is evident.

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Do Tough Times Mean Insurance Company/Agency Job Growth?

These are difficult times for businesses and consumers alike. Many insurance agencies and companies are tightening their belts. Expansion is probably far from your mind at a time like this. As employees come and go, your company may have an insurance agency job or insurance company job vacancy that needs filled. A recession brings difficult times in many sectors of the economy. However, it also brings great opportunities to employers who are looking for good employees.

When you need an employee with advanced skills, how do you find the right one?


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