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Maybe you currently have a job.  A decent salary.  You're content and feel secure with your job.  Maybe you're keeping one eye open just in case that dream job comes along.  You are known as a 'passive job seeker'!  That's not a bad thing, in fact more employers prefer passive job seekers as they are most often the ones with the best experience. 


Historically, when someone landed a good job they felt secure in the knowledge that their employer was looking out for their best interests.  They could afford to be passive.  Today is different!  Today you are the one in charge of where your insurance career is going.  What would you do if you were suddenly laid off?  Would your career still be on track?


Established in 2001, InsuranceWorkforce.com is the industry's leading 'niche' job board, dedicated to the unique hiring needs of the insurance industry.  


Did you know?  Some of the best insurance jobs are never posted or advertised anywhere!  It's true.  Whether you're new to the insurance industry or a savvy insurance professional with years of experience, InsuranceWorkforce.com can help power your job search by placing your resume out in front of the industry's employers and recruiters. 


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Job seekers are invited to search jobs by state/province, zip code (US only) and/or job category.  We also encourage job seekers to post their resume to our database for employers and recruiters to consider.  In addition, we offer free automated job alerts, links to industry recruiters, salary information to help you in your compensation negotiations, tips on how to conduct a safe job search, news links and more.



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Did you know? Some of the best insurance jobs are never advertised! Many of the industry's leanding employers and recruiters search our resume database daily, looking for experienced job candidates. If you don't want to miss out any of those great (unadvertised) job opportunities, you'll want to be sure your resume is posted and up-to-date!

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