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 Perfect resume.   Flawless interview.   Everyone agreed.   Let go two weeks later .  .  . Where did it all go wrong?

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The Omnia Group's pre-employment hiring tools, post-employment management tools and consulting expertise provide you with everything you need to make smart, objective, and money saving hiring decisions and promote, manage and counsel employees more effectively.

No interview, resume or references will give you the insight found only in the Omnia Profile®. This personality-based assessment of your job candidate is written in clear, easy-to-understand language and returned to you either online or via confidential fax. Utilized by companies around the world when important hiring decisions must be made, the Omnia Profile® pinpoints your candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and measure of compatibility with your unique environment.  

Our simple questionnaire is completed by your applicant online either in your office or at home. Once completed, we’ll assess the results and send them back to you along with specific questions to ask during the interview process. This valuable management tool makes your hiring decisions much easier, lowers your risk of putting the wrong person into the job and reduces turnover rates.  Both candidates might seem detail oriented and self-sufficient, but why risk guessing…and finding out the hard way that one really wasn’t? 
Get your FREE Omnia Profile® today!  (A $165.00 value)

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